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Kicking a ball doesn't sound hard. Or is it?

A quick game to challenge you and/or your friends.
Will you be the best and score?
Use skill and timing to hit your target.
As balls glide accross the screen, use the angle meter to aim your ball at the target.
Choose from different ball type (including a soccer ball, bomb ball, wheel, eye ball to name some).
Play to earn credits, or watch Ads to gain credits, or purchase credits to unlock everything.
Access power ups or make life a little harder with some power downs.
And if you like our facebook page, we might be able to give you some cheat codes (
Start on the easy levels and work your way up to the harder levels.
Simple and addictive gameplay.

Score Info Art
Score Board
Displays your current score and missed targets.

Angle Meter
Is used to determine what angle the ball will travel when tapped/clicked on.

Displays your highest score ever played in game.

Aim your balls at the target to score and gain credits using the angle from the Angle Meter.

Tap/Click on the ball when the angle is right to hit the target and score.