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Work Mate

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Work Mate. A tool for when you're on the road.

Do you frequently work 'on the road'? Spend time going out on-site to visit your clients?
Do you need to keep track of your time, log what you do, and note how much you travel?
Work Mate can help you keep track of all this and more.
Use your phone, tablet or computer to keep tabs on what you do and when you do it.
A simple and free-to-use app that gives you the power to itemise and record your day.
Use Work Mate to add or update information relating to your jobs or tasks
and then forward these details to your boss, colleagues or yourself via email or text.
Never forget any details for a job again.

Available on Apple, Android and Windows Stores for FREE.

Home Screen

The home screen allows you to view summary details of the last job you created.

Work Mate Job Menu

Add, edit, update or delete jobs. Refer to previous jobs to recall specific details. Never forget what was done and when.

Work Mate Add Job

Add job details where ever you are. Save them, email or text the job to yourself, colleagues or your boss within a couple of seconds.

Work Mate Add Job

Record the following details for each job:

Work Mate Add Job

Save the job to update later. Email or text message job details.

Work Mate View Jobs

View all your jobs. Open to view all the details related to that particular job.

Work Mate Settings

Save time by adding default email and mobile phone numbers to use while sending your jobs by email or text.