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White Noise Baby, an essential portable tool for your babies sleeping needs.

Whether your baby is an easy sleeper or a more challenged sleeper, white noise can help in several ways.
Firstly, the gentle, consistent sound can soothe him/her to sleep. You're probably used to whispering 'shhh shhh' to help calm your baby, which is an instinctual sound that mimics a mother's heartbeat, and it works.
When your baby hears this type of sound, she can focus on it, which helps her relax and – hopefully - sleep. This app is designed to hopefully help your little one archive that.
Use it now for free. Share with your friends and/or family. Available on most devices.

Home Screen

Use this free portable app from your phone, tablet, laptop and more with in seconds.
Simply download and run the app.
Select the white noise you want to play.
Press play.

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White Noise Baby is free on Androind, iOS and Windows devices.