Always On Top - Keeps windows or programs on top of everything else, making them viewable all the time

Always On Top is a tool that allows you to keep programs/windows always visible or on top over everything else

How to use:
Either select an existing process in 'A.' or locate the program in 'B.'.
A. Use the drop down list to find the process/application you want to run on top and click on 'Make ALways On Top'. This will make the process/application run on top once only.
B. Select programs to run on top.
1. Click 'Browse...' and locate the program you want to run on top.
2. Click 'Add Program' to add the program to a list of programs to always run on top.
3. CLick 'Save All' to save the current list of progrms. Any programs listed in the list will automatically run on top when you open this tool.
Use option 'A' for a once off instance or use option 'B' to save programs to run on top each time the program is run.

FW Admin Tech Tool Pro - Always On Top