Active Ping - Ping a website periodically to see if it is still active/alive

Active Ping can be used to ping websites, IP addresses on local or remote networks, including over the internet. You can specify how often to ping a site/IP. This can be helpful to see if it is inlone or active.

How to use:
1.Enter in an address to actively ping and monitor.
2.Give the address a descriptive name.
3.Select how often you would like to ping the site/IP.
4.Click 'Add' to add to your list of sites/IP's to monitor. By adding the site/IP, this will safe you from having to add it each time.
5.You can change/update how often you monitor a site/IP by changing this option. It will be automatically saved for use next time.
6.Use the 'Refresh' button to manually force an update for the site/IP being monitored.
7.You can remove a site/IP from getting monitored by checking the 'Remove from site list when closed'. Next time you use the program it will not be displayed anymore. You can always re-add the site/IP later if you change your mind.

FW Admin Tech Tool Pro - Active Ping