HDDMonitor Portable

HDD Monitor (Portable)

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For Windows 7, 8 and 10
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HDD Monitor is a free program designed to monitor the available space on a hard drive, and can be used on as many drives as you wish. These can be local drives or network drives. You can set individual alert levels for each drive, and you can select how often you would like to receive the warning (anywhere from 1 hour to 9999 hours!) This download contains two files, a custom control in a DLL, and the application itself. The program will ask you to fill out some email details for sending your alerts, which will be saved in an encrypted file called HDDMonitor.config, and this is to protect your credentials.

1. Select which drives you want to monitor.
2. Select the amount of space left you want to receive a warning/alert for each monitored drive.
3. Fill out email details in the "Options" mennu under "Email settings".
4. Select how often you want to monitor all drives from 1 hour to 9999 hours.
5. Minimise the program and let the HDD Monitor do the rest.

HDD Monitor Main Screen

HDD Monitor Email Settings

To receive email alerts, you need to fill in some email settings.

Outbound email settings - Outgoing SMTP server and port

Sender email settings (This is where the alert emails will be sent from) - Email Address with username and password

Email addresses to alert - At least one email address
(If you are using multiple email addresses, use a semi-colon between each address) Eg: test@fullyworked.com.au;admin@fullyworked.com.au;tech.123@fullyworked.com.au