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We love games and hope you do too. Enjoy our selection of FREE games online now. Watch this page for any updates on our free apps. Like our Facebook page for exclusive updates and offers.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for apps, or have any improvements for our existing apps, please contact us at admin@fullyworked.com.au.We value your feedback! Let us know how we are going. We look forward to hearing from you.

Math It Extreme
Math It Extreme
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Amazon App Store Archer Art

Windows Store Archer Art

Math It Extreme. Think you know it all? Think again.
Math It Extreme is all about maths - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.
This game will challenge you.
Have fun and train your brain at the same time.Work your way through progressive levels of difficulty.
How far can you get? Many will try, but will they succeed?.

Available on Amazon Store and Windows Store for FREE.

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Archer v3.0
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Amazon App Store Archer Art

Windows Store Archer Art

The Archer is a calling. Are you ready?
The humble bow and arrow has been around for centuries. Mastery takes time and precision. Only a few are skilled enough.
Only a few are talented enough. Are you up for the challenge? Are you the next Archer?
Unlock different levels using your skill points in game. Find hidden extras, avoid obstacles to hit your target.
Quick, fun and challenging.
Get it first in Amazon and Windows Stores.
Or play it online, all for FREE.
And if you like our facebook page, we might be able to give you some cheat codes (https://www.facebook.com/Fullyworked/).
Simple and addictive gameplay.

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Score v2.0
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Amazon App Store Score Art

Windows Store Score Art

Kicking a ball doesn't sound hard. Or is it?
A quick game to challenge you and/or your friends.
Will you be the best and score?
Use skill and timing to hit your target.
As balls glide accross the screen, use the angle meter to aim your ball at the target.
Choose from different ball type (including a soccer ball, bomb ball, wheel, eye ball to name some).
Play to earn credits, or watch Ads to gain credits, or purchase credits to unlock everything.
Access power ups or make life a little harder with some power downs.
And if you like our facebook page, we might be able to give you some cheat codes (https://www.facebook.com/Fullyworked/).
Start on the easy levels and work your way up to the harder levels.
Simple and addictive gameplay.

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Paddle Battle
Paddle Battle 1.3.5
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Amazon App Store Paddle Battle Art

Windows Store Paddle Battle Art

Apple Store Paddle Battle Art

Remember the good old days, when arcade games were all the rage?
Fullyworked wants to bring back some of this nostalgia and family-friendly fun! Introducing 'Paddle Battle', a retro classic remade for today. Similar to Breakout, use your skills to break the bricks while overcoming moving and stationary obstacles.
Earn new paddles and progress through the different levels and challenges.
Take a trip down memory lane and see how well you score!

Fullyworked Paddle Battle

Racer 3010
Racer 3010 v1.0
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You'll need to be quick in this racer.
How long can you navigate through this quick thinking, tight bending, futuristic racer?
Includes powers up and different ships.

Fullyworked Racer 3010

Slots v1.0
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Free Slots for everyone.
Never paid to play, when you can play here for free.
Collect bonuses every 10 minutes.
Bonuses are paid out according to your level.
Bonus Formula is (User level x $1000)
The higher your level, the more you get for free.
More and more different levels are being added. Stay tuned.

Slots - Game Controls

Invaders 2D
Invaders 2D v1.1
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All you have to do is survive.
The Earth is being threatened by an alien invasion. You have been called to takeout as many aliens as you can before they manage to get to Earth and destroy everything you know.

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