FFPS - File Folder Permissions Structure


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FFPS - File Folder Permissions Structure.

Fullyworked File Folder Permissions Structure is a useful tool for finding out who has access/permissions to what on a network drive or file system. Perfect for a business that wants to be in the know and control access. Easy to use, simple design. Select to scan a folder or drive and find and list different accounts with their access levels. Use filters to refine the data shown. Use this program to import or export data to share with your friend, colleagues and others. Export the scanned data as text, CSV or encrypted program data files.

Scan data and save it securely to use later
Get access to file and folder permissions
Select what data to scan
Choose to scan only folders or to include individual files
Use filters to refine data shown
Import and export data as text, CSV or encrypted program data

If you have already purchased FFPS - File Folder Permission Structure from the Windows App Store, you can download a FREE viewer to view Program data. This is so you can view your scanned program data on different devices without having to purchase the FFPS each time. Also handy if you need to share the data with others, whether it's your friends, family or colleagues.

Download FFPS Viewer Portable