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Math It Extreme Art

Math It Extreme

For Apple

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Apple Store Math It Extreme Art

Math It Extreme. Think you know it all? Think again.
Math It Extreme is all about maths - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.
This game will challenge you.
Have fun and train your brain at the same time.Work your way through progressive levels of difficulty.
How far can you get? Many will try, but will they succeed?.

Cryptic Message Art

Cryptic Message

For Apple

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Apple Store Cryptic Message Art

Cryptic Message is an encryption/decryption app.
It can be used to send coded text messages or emails right from your phone/tablet/computer. Value your privacy. Don't let government and Telco companies storing your information unwillingly. Exchange communications privately and securely between friends, family, work. There are many uses. Encrypt using words, numbers or combinations of both. To encrypt, simply type in your message and set a password. Press the encrypt button and it will display your encoded message. Similar to decrypt, you put in the encoded message in along with the password and press the decrypt button.
You can also download a portable desktop version for windows 7, 8 & 10 from www.fullyworked.com.au. Also available on Windows App Store.