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If you have any ideas or suggestions for apps, or have any improvements for our existing apps, please contact us at admin@fullyworked.com.au.We value your feedback! Also, let us know how we are going – don’t forget to rate our apps. We look forward to hearing from you.

FW Password Manager
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Apple Store FW Password Manager Art

FW Password Manager.

Store your passwords, create passwords, test password strength. This application is password protected and restricts access to any of your stored passwords and details. All passwords store are encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption. Test out your passwords now. See how secure they are and how long it will take for a brute force attack to crack it. Generate new passwords within seconds. Specify how long or what should be included in your a password.
Simple and free to use.

Store all your passwords securely with AES 256 encryption
Generator passwords in seconds
Test your passwords strength
Get tips and advise on good password security

White Noise Baby Art

White Noise Baby

For Apple

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Apple Store White Noise Baby Art

Whether your baby is an easy sleeper or a more challenged sleeper, white noise can help in several ways.
Firstly, the gentle, consistent sound can soothe him/her to sleep. You're probably used to whispering 'shhh shhh' to help calm your baby, which is an instinctual sound that mimics a mother's heartbeat, and it works.
When your baby hears this type of sound, she can focus on it, which helps her relax and – hopefully - sleep. This app is designed to hopefully help your little one archive that.
Use it now for free. Share with your friends and/or family. Available on most devices.

Work Mate Art

Work Mate

For Apple

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Apple Store Work Mate Art

Work Mate. A tool for when you're on the road.
Do you frequently work 'on the road'? Spend time going out on-site to visit your clients?
Do you need to keep track of your time, log what you do, and note how much you travel?
Work Mate can help you keep track of all this and more.
Use your phone, tablet or computer to keep tabs on what you do and when you do it.
A simple and free-to-use app that gives you the power to itemise and record your day.
Use Work Mate to add or update information relating to your jobs or tasks
and then forward these details to your boss, colleagues or yourself via email or text.
Never forget any details for a job again.

Available in Apple, Android and Windows Stores for FREE.

Math It Extreme Art

Math It Extreme

For Apple

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Apple Store Math It Extreme Art

Math It Extreme. Think you know it all? Think again.
Math It Extreme is all about maths - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.
This game will challenge you.
Have fun and train your brain at the same time.Work your way through progressive levels of difficulty.
How far can you get? Many will try, but will they succeed?.

Paddle Battle Extreme Art

Paddle Battle

For Apple

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Apple Store Paddle Battle Extreme Art

Remember the good old days, when arcade games were all the rage?
Fullyworked wants to bring back some of this nostalgia and family-friendly fun! Introducing 'Paddle Battle', a retro classic remade for today. Similar to Breakout, use your skills to break the bricks while overcoming moving and stationary obstacles.
Earn new paddles and progress through the different levels and challenges.
Take a trip down memory lane and see how well you score!
Cryptic Message Art

Cryptic Message

For Apple

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Apple Store Cryptic Message Art

Cryptic Message is an encryption/decryption app.
It can be used to send coded text messages or emails right from your phone/tablet/computer. Value your privacy. Don't let government and Telco companies storing your information unwillingly. Exchange communications privately and securely between friends, family, work. There are many uses. Encrypt using words, numbers or combinations of both. To encrypt, simply type in your message and set a password. Press the encrypt button and it will display your encoded message. Similar to decrypt, you put in the encoded message in along with the password and press the decrypt button.
You can also download a portable desktop version for windows 7, 8 & 10 from www.fullyworked.com.au. Also available on Windows App Store.